27 March 2024

Quality and security: Maps Group renews and obtains new certifications

Certifications ISO Maps Group

Maps Group reaffirms its commitment to quality and data security issues: this year, it has once again obtained ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications from DNV for its companies Artexe S.p.A., Iasi S.r.l., Maps S.p.A., and Scs Computers S.r.l.

The ISO 9001 standard is based on a series of quality management principles, including a strong focus on customer satisfaction, involvement of top management, continuous improvement, principles that allow us to refine processes and increase people’s trust in our products.

The ISO 27001 certification, on the other hand, describes best practices for an information security management system aimed at confidentially managing and proactively protecting data and resources, both internal and customer-owned, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

ISO 27017 and 27018 certifications for Cloud Services

Moreover, two new certifications have been added this year: ISO 27017 for security controls for cloud services and ISO 27018, concerning the code of conduct for protecting personal information in public clouds.
Particularly, Iasi S.r.l. has obtained the ISO 27001 certification for the first time, with an immediate extension also to ISO 27017 and 27018 guidelines, a recognition that gains particular relevance for participation in public tenders.

The certifications are valid for three years, and this year Maps Group has been recognized for its “group” approach within the scope of certifications. In fact, the company has obtained a so-called “Corporate” certification, linked to the Parent Company Maps S.p.A., which in the future will allow it to streamline costs and the duration of the entire verification process.

Maps Group products qualified by National Agency for Cybersecurity (ACN)

The concrete and continuous commitment to quality and data security also enables us to offer our cloud products to the Public Administration, thanks to the various products qualified by the National Agency for Cybersecurity (ACN), providing a fundamental contribution to the country’s digital transformation.