Knowing in order to act:
data as a guide to the future

Maps, a company founded in 2002, became an Innovative SME and now heads a group, Maps Group, comprising the following companies: Artexe, Energenius, I-Tel, Iasi, SCS Computers. Since 2019 it has been listed on Euronext Growth Milan of the Italian Stock Exchange.

It is headquartered in Parma and operates across Italy in three markets: Healthcare, Energy and ESG, designing and distributing proprietary solutions.

Maps Group produces and distributes software for Big Data analytics as part of Digital Transformation. Using the knowledge derived from information analysis, it supports customers and public and private companies in making strategic decisions to boost their competitiveness in ever-changing markets.


We develop technology solutions that turn data into information and enable public and private companies to understand the present and better plan for the future.

At Maps Group, we provide our customers with experience and professionalism to create products and find solutions:


At Maps Group, we always pursue growth and development goals with a view to sustainability, inspired by the concept of shared responsibility involving everyone.
We believe that to achieve any goal, an essential component of the production process, also present in the research and design of solutions, is dialogue with customers and partners.

Working together allows us to adopt better innovation strategies and respond appropriately to people’s needs and market changes.


We operate in four business units, three active in their respective markets: Healthcare, Energy, and ESG.

Maps Healthcare

New social developments opening up include continuous advances in medicine and the pharmaceutical industry and the tendency of patients to use the Web and social networks to obtain information or request health services.

We focus on the population’s multiple needs, relate to people and improve the patient experience at every stage of their care.

Maps Energy

Digital transformation is crucial to complete the energy transition: interoperability of systems, digitisation of processes, involvement of people and businesses and artificial intelligence will be key tools to improve competitiveness and sustainability.

We provide analytical and predictive solutions and models to promote energy use from renewable sources, efficient energy management and energy consumption planning.

Maps ESG

Organisations’ increasing willingness to act in the social and governance (ESG) field and to enhance human resources (HR) have made them more aware of their environmental impact.

We give impetus to the digital transformation of administrations, authorities and companies, accompanying them in managing their local areas to produce sustainable value and ensure greater economic and social well-being.


The MapsLab BU and the Maps Research&Solutions division interpret people’s wants and explore new technologies to devise solutions that can build broader innovation projects.



MapsLab is an internal BU because, on the one hand, it analyses and studies how our products can cooperate to meet customer demands, while on the other hand, it creates innovative proposals to meet particular needs.

Maps Research&Solutions

Research&Solutions is our division that observes the market through strategic marketing, defines a need, and develops technologies to differentiate products with proprietary solutions.


Confidence, beyond technique

Reciprocal trust and respect for commitments made, together with organisation, transparency and monitoring of work performed, are the basis of our relationships with our partners and customers.

To establish a long-term relationship, we provide assistance and specific advice for individual goals and support companies in the long innovation process.


Quality and security: essential elements to protect and enhance

Improving people’s quality of life, helping the local area and respecting people and the environment are just some of the guiding principles behind our actions. 

Also for this reason, Maps Group, like its subsidiaries Artexe, SCS, Iasi and I-Tel, has certified its Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001 standard. The System reflects the company’s policy on quality and focus on customer satisfaction. 

We aim to achieve the highest level of confidentiality, availability and integrity of internal and, especially, customer information assets.

Maps Group, like its subsidiaries Artexe and I-Tel, operates in compliance with the provisions of an Information Security Management System defined according to the rules and criteria set out in the best practices and international reference standards, in compliance with the UNI CEI ISO/IEC 27001:2014 standard.