Digital transformation is generating an infinity of data concerning diagnoses, treatments, therapeutic and administrative paths, the analysis and enhancement of which is one of today’s great challenges – and hopes – in the healthcare system.

The analysis of Big Data – using specific, tailor-made software – is a fundamental step in activating completely new decision-making processes based on an analytical wealth of information.

Using semantic interpretation solutions with healthcare data, it will be possible to make decisions relating to:

  • process organisation and management
  • expenditure rationalisation
  • prescriptive appropriateness
  • the care path of every patient

Increasingly, every patient has their own special needs, and each one requires specific care and relational paths. This need often extends to relatives and guests of healthcare facilities.

The primary needs are therefore to:

  • minimise waiting times,
  • ensure the availability of all the information on the healthcare facility and its services,
  • increase the tools and relational moments with patients, offering them more opportunities for receiving information and answers without this being a burden for offices and clinics.

To respond to these needs, digital solutions that allow healthcare managers to automate the various aspects of the patient journey can offer new opportunities for healthcare facilities, allowing them to establish a more modern way of relating to service users.

Patients in the centre
and greater organisational efficiency

Solutions designed
to offer services modelled on patient needs

Improve citizens and stakeholders’ perception
of the healthcare facility

Better manage risks
and communicate the value of the performance achieved

The perception of the public value of a public or private healthcare facility is a decisive aspect for strengthening ties with the local community and patient trust. To do this, we must not only improve the level of services offered and the internal organisation but also better communicate the results achieved.

To respond to these needs, we have created solutions which are used to:

Maximum operativeness of public and private healthcare facilities is a concrete support for improving clinical governance and efficiency, and this also goes for analytical laboratory activities.

Having access to innovative modular tools – which dialogue with the hospital and regional information systems in a transparent manner – not only lightens secretarial duties and supports biologists and technicians, but also helps to prevent errors in prescriptions and in the event of redundant or repeated requests.

We offer one of the most advanced Clinical Information System solutions for analytical laboratory workers and administrative staff, which is able to:


Advanced modular clinical information system solutions for automating procedures, reducing errors and costs

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