14 June 2024

Maps Group wins Welfare Champion 2024 from Generali

An important recognition for our Group, which was selected along with 142 other Italian companies from among 7000 small and medium-sized enterprises that participated by sending in their corporate welfare stories.

The jury considered Maps Habitat, which aims to reconcile work and family life for employees, to be a concrete measure for the well-being of workers. The project was recognised as an innovative organisational model that allows each employee to flexibly choose how to alternate remote work with on-site work, while maintaining team meetings as a fixed weekly appointment.

The award ceremony organised by Generali at the Salone delle Fontane in EUR, Rome was also attended by the Minister for Family, Childhood and Equal Opportunities, Eugenia Maria Roccella, who dwelt on how corporate welfare today represents the point of innovation by which Italy’s growth is measured.

Collecting the precious award for us was the Head of Communications, Enrica Cammarano.