27 January 2021

Welfare Index SME 2020: awarded Maps Group a 4W rating – Leading Enterprise in Welfare


On 22 September, the online presentation of the Welfare Index SME 2020 Report and the awarding of the Welfare Champion companies took place at the Roma Eventi Piazza di Spagna Congress Centre. Maps again received a rating of 4W out of 5. 

Corporate Welfare and the Covid 19 Emergency 

Corporate Welfare is the set of initiatives a company may undertake for the safety and well-being of its employees, their families and the social context in which it operates. 

By adopting good corporate welfare practices, we can achieve significant economic, business and social benefits. 

The SME 2020 Welfare Index focused on the Covid19 emergency. The pandemic appears to have marked a quantum leap in corporate welfare, which became a strategic lever to tackle the health emergency and ensure the country’s sustainable recovery by offering initiatives of high value and social impact. 

A higher quality of welfare: MAPS leading business 

On Tuesday, 22 September 2020, the Congress Centre Roma Eventi Piazza di Spagna hosted the online presentation of the 2020 Welfare Index PMI Report and the Welfare Champion Companies award ceremony. 

The report’s most significant finding is that the Covid 19 emergency fostered a higher quality of corporate welfare, with over 50% of companies now active in this area. Seventy-nine per cent of these have retained their existing welfare initiatives, while 28% have introduced new ones or improved existing ones since last year. 

Maps Group is one of the award-winning companies. As in 2019, Maps Group is again ranked Leading Enterprise with a 4W rating. This means its corporate welfare system features significant breadth and employee involvement in at least six of the 12 sectors surveyed. 

MAPS GROUP’s mission 

Maps Group’s commitment to valuing its people and meeting their needs culminated last September with the launch of the Maps HABitat project

Maps HABitat is a creative and strategic solution designed for a new way of organising, coordinating and networking. It does this while respecting the needs of the people who work in Maps and thus could choose between weekly work schedules with different time configurations. 

This is what Maps Group’s habitat proposes: to go beyond the office’s confines and create an environment where talent and professionalism can move flexibly, finding fertile soil to grow. All this in absolutely safe conditions.