25 March 2024

Reduction of waiting lists and appropriateness of prescriptions: the increasingly central role of technology in healthcare

News eng Reduction of waiting lists and appropriateness of prescriptions

“The announcement by the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, regarding the definition of a new national healthcare plan to address lengthy waiting lists and promote prescription appropriateness, aligns with the direction we at Maps Group, through our Maps Healthcare Business Unit, are working towards,” says Marco Ciscato, President of Maps Group.

He emphasizes the significant role of technology in oversight: “I believe,” Ciscato adds, that it is necessary to introduce platforms that analyze prescriptions on a massive scale and support doctors in requesting appropriate services.”

Platforms are also useful for effectively managing waiting lists: “A fundamental aspect is the ability to proactively intercept patient cancellations and reallocate freed slots,” emphasizes the President of Maps Group.

During the question time in the Chamber, Minister Schillaci explained that the new plan, for which a roundtable has been convened, will be “a guiding tool regarding access to healthcare services and the management of waiting lists, with a common commitment to converge on complex and articulated actions, based on the promotion of appropriateness in its clinical, organizational, and prescriptive dimensions.”