20 June 2023

Maps4Investors, Maps Group’s Financial Newsletter

The financial newsletter “Maps4Investors” is the new, transparent, and concrete tool through which Maps Group cultivates relationships with investors, analysts, journalists, and consultants. Its aim is to stimulate their interest in the financial topics covered and establish itself as an expert and reliable partner in the market.

Designed for easy and quick reading, Maps4Investors always begins with a message from our Chairman, who guides readers through the most important commercial and financial news of the month that directly impacted the Group or the markets in which it operates: Healthcare, Energy and ESG.

maps group financial newsletter form

The newsletter also includes news about contracts and renewals related to our products. Additionally, it features articles from analysts and observers, providing information and updates on the most important developments and perspectives in the financial and legislative fields.

The newsletter, targeted at investors and industry experts, is published on a monthly basis. To receive updates, please fill in the form with your information.

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