7 November 2023

Maps Group wins the tender organized by one of the leading italian multi-utility companies for the renewable energy community monitoring platform

Maps Group has won, based on the criteria of the most economically advantageous offer, the tender related to the supply of the software technology platform for monitoring energy flows of Renewable Energy Communities (RECs), organized by one of the largest Italian multi-utility companies, leader in the fields of energy, environment, heat, and smart cities.

The platform will be made available in ‘white label’ mode, with a user-friendly experience for members, a detailed view of the benefits generated, and a structured back-end that allows the community administrator to monitor the incentives generated by the community and the multi-utility to monitor the performance of different RECs.

The multi-utility has long been carefully studying the REC model, both from a regulatory perspective and by engaging with stakeholders in the area interested in developing projects. In this context, the need arose to be able to monitor the flows of shared energy and the incentives generated by the community itself, in order to facilitate management and ensure transparency in the distribution of economic benefits. The requirement is to provide community members with a mobile platform that can meet this need, acting as the Single Point of Contact for communication with members of the Renewable Energy Community and facilitating the management activities of the coordinator.

The technical solution proposed by Maps Group is based on their proprietary solution ROSE CER, which has already been adopted by other leading multi-utility companies. This solution enables efficient and sustainable management of the energy community, both in terms of optimizing and monitoring energy flows and calculating and distributing economic incentives in accordance with current regulations and expected developments. Furthermore, it allows each participating member, through the mobile app, to verify both the aggregated performance of shared energy and the contribution provided by their own production and/or consumption.

The agreement has a duration of three years with an option to extend to the fourth year.

Maurizio Pontremoli, CEO of Maps Group, states:

“We believed in and invested in the REC model despite being hindered by the delays in implementing the European directive. We did so because the objectives of RECs are not only economic but also environmental and social, and we want to contribute to the energy transition. We are pleased with this significant result, which demonstrates the correctness of our decision to believe in the REC model. We will continue to work with dedication and determination to achieve further milestones and contribute to the development of the model and the sustainability of our planet.”