7 February 2022

Maps Group: the group’s ability to act as a reference partner for digital transformation is growing.

“We closed the first half with satisfaction as the excellent performances highlight the Group’s ability to act as a reference partner for digital transformation. The growth in revenues (+ 25%) was significant, driven in particular by the Healthcare (+ 60%) and ESG (+ 24%) divisions”.

Marco Ciscato, Chairman of Maps Group


The main results

Maps Group closes the first half of the 2021 financial activity with satisfaction. In fact, the following are recorded:

  • a 27% increase in the production value;
  • a 25% increase in revenues, driven in particular by the Healthcare, ESG and Large Enterprise divisions.

The performance of this period is significantly positive, even when compared with the pre-Covid-19 levels of 30 June 2019, demonstrating a progress which goes beyond a recovery from the global production depression triggered by the pandemic.


Significant events subsequent to the end of the half year

“The substantial improvement in the Net Financial Position will allow the Company to undertake future strategic investments, in addition to those already made in the Healthcare sector”.

Marco Ciscato

During the half year ended, Maps also strengthened its role in the Healthcare sector through

  • the acquisition of 100% of Iasi S.r.l., a software factory specialising in integrated information systems for healthcare;
  • the acquisition of the residual 7.94% of Maps Healthcare S.r.l.

A strategic market with great growth prospects, in the Healthcare sector Maps will thus be able to offer a more complete range of products which will generate benefits in terms of revenues as well as top operational flexibility and effectiveness in order to seize opportunities for future healthcare operations.

The digital future

The growth forecasts of the digital market in the next three years will be strongly conditioned by the implementation of the NRRP. The sectors that may have the best growth margins are expected to be Public Administration, Healthcare, Industry, Telecommunications, Travel & Transportation and Energy & Utilities which, to a great degree, coincide with those on which the MAPS Group has focused its investments in recent years.

Future strategic investments therefore await the MAPS Group, which will further consolidate its position on the reference markets, allowing the group to present itself as a solid partner for digital transformation.

For more information,read the Press Release.



Founded in 2002, MAPS is an Innovative SME working in the digital transformation sector. With its headquarters in Parma and around 200 employees, it produces and distributes software for big data analysis allowing client businesses to manage and analyse large quantities of data and information, helping them to take strategic and operational decisions and define new business models.

It works in a context marked by high growth potential: in 2018, the world market for digital transformation technologies reached 1,100 billion USD; for 2020, the estimated figure is 1,600 billion USD (CAGR 2018–2020 around +20%).

MAPS operates through 3 business units (Large Enterprise, Healthcare Industry, Gzoom) and has a portfolio of over 220 highly loyal customers working in different markets: Telco, Utilities, Health, Retail, Industry and Public Administration. Through its range of Patient Journey services, it is a leader in the healthcare facility patient admissions sector, covering the market with over 1,300 installations managing admissions for over 20 million patients nationally. The Group invests constantly in R&D. The Research & Solutions division, established in 2016, is in charge of identifying market needs and developing software solutions.

The Group ended 2020 with consolidated revenues of €17.9 million and an EBITDA of €3.4 million. In the last 3 years MAPS has tripled the revenues deriving from proprietary solutions and more than doubled the EBITDA. The company is characterised by high levels of recurring revenues: the income from recurring fees represents 28% of the consolidated operating revenues in 2020.

Alongside the Group’s organic growth there has been a significant M&A activity, acquiring IG Consulting (2011), Artexe (2018), Roialty (2019), SCS Computers (2020) and IASI (2021).

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