25 October 2023

Maps Group Wins the Supply of a Reception Management System at ASST in Cremona

Through Artexe S.p.A., Maps Group will provide multi-function monitors and totems to multiple healthcare facilities within ASST Cremona.

Maps Group has secured a contract, via Artexe S.p.A., to supply a reception management system using multi-function monitors and totems integrated with the PagoPa payment platform for the following areas of ASST Cremona:

  • Cremona Hospital Facility – CUP
  • Cremona Hospital Facility – ER
  • Cremona Hospital Facility – Hospital Entrance
  • Oglio Po Hospital Facility – CUP

As expressed in a statement by the Director of the Business Information Systems Department, the supply contract was awarded to Artexe S.P.A. to maintain the consistency of systems and applications already in place within the company, consolidate the management of queues, call terminals (MR-You® application), totems, and monitors on a single platform, and facilitate the entire patient journey with a single number/ticket issued at the CUP from admission to outpatient services, with anonymized calling”.