6 November 2023

Maps Group selected for the storage of radiological reports in the Abruzzo region

Maps Group has been selected to assume the role of orchestrator for the Regional Repository, responsible for archiving multimedia files, including PDF documents, DICOM images, videos, etc., originating from the local healthcare systems of the Abruzzo region.

Maps Group will play a key role in facilitating the efficient and regulatory-compliant sharing and access to regional healthcare information. It will also be responsible for interoperability with other regional systems and the sharing of patient information at the regional level.

The Repository’s primary goal is to promote information sharing among healthcare entities and ensure that this tool can be used as a long-term archive, thereby contributing to increasing information resilience. Furthermore, the repository will help avoid duplicative tests performed by different healthcare entities on the same patient, optimizing regional radiology departments and reducing the pressure on waiting lists for access to radiology services.

The contract, signed by its subsidiary Iasi S.r.l, has a duration of 48 months and a compensation of 700,000 euros.