25 October 2023

Maps Group renews and extends its partnership whit A2A: the SmartNebula platform takes center stage in the contract

Maps Group is pleased to announce the renewal and expansion of its partnership with A2A, which was initiated in 2018 for the provision of the proprietary SmartNebula platform, delivered through the MapsLab Business Unit. It is through the MapsLab business unit that the Group operates outside the reference macro-trends, to address specific needs of large enterprises through products or tailor-made solutions.

Originally designed for A2A users in the Piedmont region, the SmartNebula platform is further expanding this year, including 48 new users in the Lombardy region.

SmartNebula is a cloud-based solution offered in the Software as a Service (SaaS) format, designed to facilitate collaborative document management and control within the company and with its suppliers. This platform ensures 24/7 accessibility and traceability, providing encrypted data and document management. This ensures processes are always available and under control, both for the company and its suppliers.

SmartNebula features include a virtual data room to highlight documents with impending deadlines and customizable notifications to prevent critical issues and disruptions in activities. Additionally, the Audit Trail functionality allows detailed monitoring of each integration and modification made to documents.

Maps Group and A2A continue to work together to tackle ever-new and ambitious challenges, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and operational excellence.