7 July 2023

Maps Group obtained two new contracts in the healthcare sector. The two-year contracts are worth EUR 950,000.

Maps Group has won 2 new supply contracts lasting 2 years, with a total value of €949,210.08. The contracts involve supplying a public healthcare institution in central Italy with products for managing multichannel communication between the facility and its patients/employees. In particular, the institution will utilize:

  • Sm@rtHealth®, a modular suite that automates and optimizes interactions between patients and healthcare facilities throughout the care journey. This digital solution serves as a fully digitized portal, collecting and disseminating data through multiple channels for proactive and integrated communication. The result is a constantly active direct line of communication between patients and healthcare organizations.
  • Sm@rtC6®, an HR Innovation solution that simplifies multichannel interaction between the company and its employees. It automates repetitive tasks, ensures communication certainty, and simplifies people’s work through apps, SMS, emails, chatbots, or voice-bots. For example, in attendance tracking processes, reporting absences, or managing vacations, permits, and shifts.

Fabrizio Biotti, Sales&Marketing Director of Maps Healthcare, states:

“These contracts demonstrate the recognition of our Group’s expertise and reliability in providing innovative and technologically advanced solutions in the healthcare sector. The ability to enable multichannel management of relationships – continues Fabrizio Biotti – can significantly improve efficiency and service quality provided by the healthcare institution, offering a smoother and more personalized experience for patients and staff.”