18 October 2023


The Group’s virtuous journey, which began last year with the release of the inaugural sustainability report, continues

Parma, 13 October 2023
The Board of Directors of Maps (MAPS:IM; IT0005364333), an Innovative SME listed on Euronext Growth Milan, operating in the digital transformation sector, has approved the 2022 Sustainability Report, prepared in accordance with the GRI – Global Reporting Standards, following the “In accordance” reporting option.

Marco Ciscato, Executive Chairman of Maps Group, stated,

“We are proud to release the second edition of Maps Group’s Sustainability Report. This year, we have conducted more in-depth and structured analyses to better define the sustainability aspects that are relevant to Maps Group and its stakeholders. This has allowed us to clearly outline both current and future sustainable strategic directions.

Among the results, a strong interest in the ‘well-being of people’ has been confirmed, and interesting data has emerged to demonstrate our commitment to a positive impact. Average training hours have increased, several new hires have been made, and we are reporting a lower turnover, all of which are critical topics for attracting and retaining talent.

On the environmental front, we highlight an improvement in the GJ of electricity consumed per employee and excellent results from initiatives like the Maps Habitat project, which has become fundamental for establishing a robust teleworking environment.

Furthermore, we continue to invest in our solutions, offering products in the market that can provide tangible benefits and promote a sustainable economic and social climate. We will also persist with conviction in sustainable growth for the future, placing it at the center of our activities in integrating acquired companies and future acquisitions”.

Starting this year, Maps Group has established a dedicated Sustainability Team that has efficiently contributed to the realization of the project, both in its reporting and in identifying potential improvement strategies.

The 2022 Sustainability Report will be available on this website in the Sustainability page.