28 June 2023

Informatica e Telecomunicazione S.r.l. approves its first Impact Report

Informatica e Telecomunicazione (I-Tel) S.r.l., a Maps Group company, according to its statutory transformation into a Benefit Company on 14 April 2022, has approved its first Impact Report that collects and illustrates all the activities carried out in 2022. This important document provides an accurate and transparent overview of the impacts generated by the company’s initiatives.

In 2022, I-Tel joined Maps Group, which has been committed to sustainability issues for many years. The Group’s sustainable activities and projects are reported in the 2022 Consolidated Sustainability Report, of which this Report is an additional chapter.

I-Tel actively undertakes specific actions to produce concrete results. In line with the goals of the 2030 Agenda, it seeks to reinforce disease prevention and ensure home healthcare, promote gender equality, contribute to digital education and create resilient infrastructure to improve people’s living conditions.

To understand the importance of being a Benefit Society, read the Impact Report