10 September 2021

Charter of corporate values: how important it can be for the well-being of people and how to build it.

Conferenza Carta dei Valori aziendali

Maps Group will be the endorsing company of the conference “REAL CULTURE AS A VALUE-RELATED MAP: the business card for stakeholders”. Organised by People 3.0 the free and online conference will be held on 20 September 2021 and will try to highlight how important the existence of a charter of corporate values is and how this should be built starting from people’s feelings.

Happiness at work

How many companies have drawn up a charter of values and how many operate according to this? People 3.0 will try to answer this and other questions during the conference “REAL CULTURE AS A VALUE-RELATED MAP: the business card for stakeholders”.

A company which has been active for over 10 years in the field of change, empowerment and enhancement of talents in the company, and has always supported the central role of the individual, People 3.0 was one of the first developers of projects based on the Happiness at Work model.

Literally translatable as “Happiness in the workplace”, it can be understood as a company’s ability to create a relaxed work environment where people can have sufficient stimuli and gratification to be happy and satisfied. How can this be achieved?

According to Jurgen Appelo – writer, manager, speaker and trainer among many things – there are 12 steps to achieve an environment that can grant a productive and fulfilling working life to the individual.

Relationship training

The main requirement of Happiness at Workis sharing and a search for change through transformation activities which are an innovation drive for the well-being of people. Their direct involvement is therefore essential to the process of building a Charter of Corporate Values that can truly create a happy and productive work environment.

During the conference, People 3.0 will talk about this together with Maps Group, the protagonist of important revolutions during the lockdown. In this period of uncertainty and crisis, the company has in fact decided to invest in the management skills of its professional figures, training a leadership style based on the pillars of the Happiness at Work model.

In addition to drawing up a Charter of Values consistent with the company reality, this allowed Maps Group to create a spirit of cohesion and sharing, thanks also to which it was possible to overcome many challenges and to achieve important objectives.

The following colleagues will attend the “REAL CULTURE AS A VALUE-RELATED MAP: the business card for stakeholders” conference:

  • Marco Ciscato, Chairman Maps Spa and Artexe S.p.a.;
  • Paolo Bianchi, Delivery Manager of Artexe S.p.a.;
  • Sara Magri, Employee Relations Manager of Maps S.p.a.

as well as Anna Piacentini, Trainer, coach and organisational wellness consultant as well as Founder and CEO of People 3.0.