16 May 2024

A new location for Maps Group in Milan

Milano Maps Group

From the outskirts to the city center. Starting May 22nd, Maps Group will be relocating: leaving behind via Giovanni Bensi and moving to via Giuseppe Piazzi, within Spaces Farini, just a few hundred meters from the subway, in the heart of the Milan.

The new offices perfectly embody the values and objectives that Maps Group has always promoted and seeks to achieve with concrete steps. Indeed, the chosen spaces effectively combine sustainability and flexibility and are designed to foster a climate of collaboration and innovation.

Spaces Farini

Spaces Farini is a bright and welcoming workspace where environmental consciousness is continuously emphasized, as well as employee well-being. The offices are built with modern design in mind: the numerous flexible spaces allow for establishing connections and forging new relationships thanks to the many shared common services with important and prestigious entities in the Milanese social fabric.

Inside, you’ll find not only meeting rooms and open spaces, but also a bar and restaurant, break rooms and refreshment tables, reserved lounge rooms, fully equipped kitchens on each floor, complimentary coffee and tea machines, and a fifth-floor terrace with a view of the city.

The offices of Maps Group

Our new offices, on the third floor, will tell our story, not only through the window decals that will identify our reserved areas but also through the names we’ve decided to assign to each of our spaces. The largest meeting room will continue to be dedicated to our dear colleague Oscar Ragazzoni, who passed away a few years ago. With him, we shared an important part of our past, and with him, we want to continue writing our present and future. The other rooms will be dedicated to four computer scientists, women who have left their mark in the history of innovation: Mary Kenneth Keller, Anita Borg, Karen Spärck Jones, Hedy Lamarr.

Spaces Farini will be the ideal place to continue nurturing talent and creativity, in the heart of a city in constant evolution and always keeping up with the times.