Supervisory Board

Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Bologna and at the same University Director of the Master in Criminal Law of Business and Economy; Lawyer.
She teaches courses on criminal law and economic criminal law at degree and master courses (University of Bologna, Luiss, Ferrara) and is a speaker at conferences and scientific congresses. Diploma from the Liceo Classico Minghetti in Bologna, she graduated in Law at the University of Bologna with 110 cum laude; she subsequently obtained a PhD and a post-doctoral fellowship. She is the author of three monographs, five curated works and over one hundred and ten articles and essays published in collective works and scientific journals. In addition to providing legal assistance and advice, she is chair and member of supervisory board of companies, including those with total or partial public shareholdings, as well as a consultant for the drafting and updating of organizational and management models.

Umberto Poli, graduated in Economics and Business from the University of Bologna in 1983 with a 110/110 grade, cum laude; subsequently Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor. He has always carried out, and still carries out, the professional activity of Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor. He collaborates with the chair of Criminal Law of Prof. Désirée Fondaroli at the University of Bologna. He is a member of the scientific council of the University Master’s Degree in Criminal Law in Business and Economics at the University of Bologna. In the last decade, he has been involved in corporate consulting on corporate governance, legal issues related to anti-corruption, agribusiness, environmental, safety in the workplace, liability of entities, risk analysis. He has worked and continues to work as an auditor and member of supervisory boards, including those of large companies. He is a lecturer and speaker at the University (post graduate courses), at groups of companies and banks for training of top management.

Federico Furia, is a member of the Legal Office of MAPS S.p.A. He graduated in Law at the University of Parma with 110/110 and is a Phd candidate in Legal Sciences, Criminal Law Department, at the Universities of Parma and Modena & Reggio Emilia – Faculty of Law.

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