Supervisory Board

He is an attorney, primarily deals with Legislative Decree 231/01 and has decades of experience in supervisory boards. He serves as the President of the supervisory boards in leading national and international groups. He holds two degrees in law and philosophy and is also the author of several significant publications on corporate criminal responsibility and teaches in masters programs and seminars on the subject.

He is an attorney and is a partner at the Panetta law firm in Rome, specializing in Data Protection and Cybersecurity. An expert in legal tech and intellectual property, he acts as DPO for significant national and international groups. He graduated in law with honors at the University of Trento and subsequently attended a PhD from Maastricht University.

He is a member of Maps S.p.A. “Compliance & Procedures” function since 2023, is an internal member of the Supervisory Board. He graduated in law at the University of Parma and has gained significant professional experience in primary contexts concerning Legislative Decree No. 231/01 and the development of Organizational, Management, and Control Models.

Reports can be sent by mail to:

Maps S.p.A.
To the attention of the Chair of the Supervisory Body – Confidential
Via Paradigna 38/a
43122 Parma

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