QUALITY and SAFETY: essential elements, to be protected and enhanced


We have set-up a Quality Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard to define, modify and improve company processes, according to three levels *. For us it is important because only through a complete control of internal flows can we guarantee effective consulting services and efficient solutions. And most importantly, it will fully meet customer expectations. And most importantly, it will fully meet customer expectations.

The Quality Management System sets precise objectives, defining the flows and methodologies necessary to achieve them. In particular, the certification certifies the compliance of the system with the standards that aim to:

Maps S.p.A. has the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification.




Quality Management


Quality Assurance


* We believe that the approach to Quality and Safety management ne takes the second following various levels: the first is the regulatory level to which the company is inspired, the second is the strategic level with which the standard is lowered within the company strategies, the third is the one that notes how to apply the strategies for the management of Quality and Safety in the company’s operational processes.

We make the security of the information and data processed an essential element. Our information assets constitute a factor of enormous strategic importance that we intend to protect and enhance.

The design and development phases may involve the entrusting of relevant data and information and, precisely for this reason, we have guaranteed technical and organizational definitions to guarantee maximum security at three different levels *.

This security relates to flows, systems and processors. In this regard, we constantly aim to obtain the highest level of confidentiality, availability and internal information assets and, above all, of customers.

Maps S.p.A. operates in compliance with the provisions of an Information Security Management System defined according to the rules and criteria established by the “best practices” and by the international reference standards, in compliance with the indications of the UNI CEI ISO / IEC 27001: 2014 standard.



Information Security Management System compliant with the UNI CEI ISO / IEC 27001: 2014 standard to guarantee third parties a safe and correct management of all information.


Establish organizational solutions for:

Improve the operating procedure:


Safety in Projects

We prevent delivery delays and avoid unauthorized access to information:

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