Providing inputs to the digital transition of the Public Administration and how they create Public Value in the local community: this is the best response for relaunching the economic and social development of a country.

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How to create sustainable public value for the community

Today, Public Administrations are required to create public value for the sustainable management of the territory they work in and guarantee greater well-being for the community that lives there.

Meeting the needs of their stakeholders, ensuring that the benefits offered are greater than the sacrifices demanded, must not be a sporadic episode but rather a cornerstone element of a long-term policy.

Public value is not created by chance, but must be planned, scheduled and then measured, involving the most important resource, the administrative staff, through suitable programming. Therefore, being effective in value creation is the premise for all other considerations.

Created value often requires the involvement of other parties within the creation chain, and must be understood as such by the recipients of the services delivered, who must be engaged: only the participation of stakeholders can truly guarantee that value has been created.

To ensure that value creation is sustainable over time, and guaranteed also for future generations, the available resources must be used efficiently:

Finally, over time, situations may arise that lead to the erosion of this value, which therefore must be protected from such risks: on one hand, by ensuring the continual improvement of processes, supported by digitalisation and simplification initiatives, and on the other avoiding all risk situations.


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