Data management solutions: from information to knowledge, from sharing to action.

Maps Group sviluppa soluzioni tecnologiche che trasformano i dati disomogenei e disaggregati in una base di informazioni – e dunque di conoscenza – messa al servizio delle scelte di business Operational Intelligence).

Questo, attraverso una serie di servizi e prodotti che consentono ad aziende private ed enti pubblici di comprendere appieno il loro presente e pianificare al meglio il loro futuro attraverso sistemi che agevolano e performano i diversi processi decisionali (Decision Support Systems).

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The method can only be built through research. . Here we must accept to advance without a path, to make the path by advancing.

Edgar Morin

The group develops technological solutions that are able to acquire information, extracting it from non-structured data and turning it into usable knowledge, using Real Time Data Analysis solutions.

During this process, the data gathered and analysed are translated into interpretive models designed to provide better comprehension of reality—material from start to finish for a new and rigorous cognitive base on which to build efficacious support for strategic decision-making.

The three fundamental steps in this process:


In the Maps Group solutions, DATA ACQUISITION AND ANALYSIS is done in a prompt and in-depth manner, and their updating is complete.

All this is done according to standard taxonomies, semantic interpreting (Semantic Computing), inter-operational exchange processes and contextualisation tools that ensure the cross-checking of the information, as well as their processing by specific, segmented and specialised company figures and divisions.


INFORMATION SHARING – the next step in the data-processing activity – does not end with mere interaction and exchange, but represents a specific step in the analysis and cross-checking of the acquired datasets, filtered and processed in order to support strategic and operational decisions (Decision Support Systems).

The extrapolated and shared information is assessed and measured from different points of view, and thus becomes a coherent and uniform knowledge base, yet extended and articulated.


This data acquisition and sharing process leads toACTION and finally DECISION, making possible deliberate decision-making activity which, if undertaken using information that is reliable and complete, can more efficiently fulfil the tasks of planning, development, control and reporting thanks to a comprehensive, true and scientific knowledge of the full context.

The aim of each one of our solutions is therefore firmly linked to strategic choices. This is why our products (in the Decision Support Systems, Operational Intelligence and Real Time Data Analysis areas) can be defined as “intelligent”, i.e. able to extract relevant and valuable information useful for business actions and the improvement of the services offered.

The final representation of the information obtained is also made available by the Maps solutions in an accessible and user-friendly version, allowing simple sharing among the various stakeholders.

From innovation to problem solving:
with Maps Group, it’s just one small step

Maps Group has made Technological Innovation serving public and private organisations its core business, and works in markets that traditionally use technological development as the natural tool for their own growth strategies. Maps Group offers its products and services to the following markets:


The evolution of the energy sector is based on some fundamental values: sustainability, system interoperability and digitalisation as a tool for optimising performance.

Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence will therefore be the next tools for managing and optimising energy production systems to have everything under control, improve performance and count on reliable predictive models.

In this market, Maps Group offers models and solutions for:


Today’s demographic dynamics, the continuous progress made by medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, the tendency of patients to use the Web and Social Media as a way to find out about and use health services—in our society, these are the new demands and the new accessibilities to introduce changes which:

  • require increasingly more knowledge of the health needs of the population,
  • lead to the inevitable search for greater efficiency also in public-private relations.

For this sector Maps Group offers:

Public Sector

The main dynamics of this market concern the need to rebuild a climate of trust between Public Bodies and Stakeholders or rights holders, which is currently put under strain by the various criticalities that are widely found in the sector.

These bodies need therefore to place citizens in the centre of their actions, meeting their needs so that the benefits offered are greater than the sacrifices demanded, not sporadically but rather as a long-term strategy.

In this context, the group offers:


The classic Loyalty promotion models are gradually making way for models in which the customisation of relations and the exchange of value between company and consumer prevail.

We are entering the era of empathy, and therefore the need for businesses to be closer to their customers and respond better to their needs is more urgent than ever.

In this market, Maps Group offers solutions for:

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