Knowledge & Control: from information to knowledge, from sharing to action.

Complexity is the hallmark of our time. Saperne svolgere gli intrecci per farne indicatori di valore è il percorso di analisi, condivisione e sviluppo che abbiamo scelto di intraprendere dalla nostra fondazione.

Fedeli alla nostra vocazione di software solution provider specializzato in ambito IT, esploriamo attraverso tecniche di Real Time Data Analysis le nuove frontiere della conoscenza che il contesto in cui viviamo ci consegna.


Faced with the vertigo of what is countless, unclassifiable, in a state of flux, I feel reassured by what is finite, ‘discrete’ and reduced to a system.

Italo Calvino

We research, analyse, interpret and transform complex data that companies and public bodies generate to create innovative business products and high-performing governance solutions

Our raw material therefore comes from a variety of heterogeneous origins: from data linked to an organisation to economic figures, from simple data records to information on the context in which every individual and every organisation works and acts.

If appropriately collected, analysed, processed and implemented according to interoperable methods, each piece of data can constitute an irreplaceable strategic instrument supporting every decision-making process for any organisation and in any reference market.

In conclusion, data can become an authentic compass guiding strategic choices, predicting the most plausible business scenarios through Operational Intelligence activities, indicating the best route for developing any activity and improving performance with Decision Support Systems methods.

Creating these sophisticated knowledge tools able to design the future is the ultimate aim of our group.


If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than to any other talent.

Isaac Newton

In-depth knowledge of the application domains

The study and in-depth knowledge of various operating environments, as well as continuous updating on the regulations governing different sectors and the information flows generated in and outside of them: these are distinguishing features of Maps Group in all the sectors it works in.

The aim is to offer our clients excellent Data Management and Operational Intelligence solutions, as well as Decision Support Systems and Real Time Data Analysis tools.

The working method used by the company in fact privileges an integrated approach to the various contexts, allowing Maps Group to be not only a reliable, competent interlocutor in the field of systems integration, but also a genuine strategic partner in all fields of intervention..

A strategic partner in the following sectors:

  • Sector regulations and processes
  • Management control
  • Decision support dashboards
  • Management of regional and ministerial flows (information debt)
  • Specialist outpatient services
  • Medical records
  • Assessment of prescription appropriateness
  • Waiting times
  • Dematerialisation
  • Information Access Management
  • Performance management
  • Reporting
  • Anti-corruption
  • Patient Reception and Journey
  • Energy efficiency
  • Development of Energy Communities
  • Improvement of Energy Community performance
  • Aggregation of ECs and DERs to supply ancillary services to the network
  • Customer Engagement
  • Sector regulations and processes
  • Performance Management Models (BSC, LA, …)
  • Reporting
  • Anti-corruption
  • Transparency
  • Management control
  • Protocol management
  • Dematerialisation
  • Information Access Management Infrastructures
  • Document Management System (DMS)
  • Human Resource Management (HRMS)

Familiarity with complex contexts

Over the years, the experience acquired in the strategic and operational areas of particularly complex companies and organisations has provided the group with a high capacity for governance of the broadest-ranging and most complex business and service scenarios.

Through the development and implementation of services and solutions, whose prerequisites and whose architectures go far beyond their simplest and most immediate role as a technological platform, Group today relies on a wealth of knowledge capable of ranging between the various application domains and of making information systems which were originally closed and inaccessible communicate with each other.

This is also possible thanks to the interoperable nature of the solutions developed which can be integrated with the various high-tech systems commonly used by our partners on the basis of their particular business and development situations.

The importance of partnerships

We act on the basis of a medium-to-long-term perspective and, as a result, trust and long-term relationships are extremely important to the companyboth for those who work for us, as well as partners and clients.

For Maps Group, mutual respect and maintaining its commitments are not goals to strive for, but rather the starting point, together with the company’s values, transparency and control over the work performed.

Our long-term relationship formulas are based on this approach, consolidated over the years, in order to provide to our partners and customers a continuous presence both in terms of assistance and expert advice specific to individual objectives and functions and as concerns support throughout the innovation process linked to the use of Maps Group solutions and products.

Quality and interoperability

We develop our high-tech solutions according to quality control criteria that are rigorous, certified and long-term. Attention to the performance quality level is, for Maps Group, an essential element, according to the high standards that mark its solutions, and which have allowed the company to excel in its own reference market.

The problems inherent in complexity are resolved using a semantic approach, one that correlates data and data gathering systems which, at their source, are not integrable, and then—through suitable processes of analysis, translation and structuring—turns them into information systems that are coherent and functional and, above all, available in real time.

Selection of the highest-performing horizons

Teamwork, a multi-disciplinary approach and a working method that sees in organisation the underlying structure for the entire corporate process are the ingredients that Maps Group believes are indispensable for taking on the complexity of the contexts in which it operates and to translate it into knowledge tools to be used to extract valuable information.

It is on these values that the group bases its fruitful and long-term relationships created with the people and organisations with which it collaborates. The ultimate goal is to develop processes for the analysis, sharing and control of available information with the goal of planning the activities of its partners and clients to significantly improve their performance while playing an active role in achieving the most high-performance goals.

Because, it is only by setting the most ambitious objectives that it is possible to attain—step-by-step, following the right approach and with the necessary commitment—those goals which would seem to be the least accessible.


The world stands, reproduces, is in tension, lives, on the harmony between diversities.

Tiziano Terzani


A dream seems like a dream until you start working on it. Then it may become a purpose, that is, something infinitely bigger.

Adriano Olivetti

Maps Group is an IT company focused on a clear objective: to make Data a source of knowledge useful for strategic planning, for the identification of new digital assets and the development of business in the most innovative sectors.

This, through the ability to design and implement Data Management and Operational Intelligence Solutions, as well as Decision Support Systems and Real Time Data Analysis tools.

It entered the market in 2002 as a software house with a strong inclination towards the most up-to-date development and training methodologies, and as early as in 2007 it moved towards a new industrial project.

Its focus shifted to strategic services for the most complex situations, also as a result of the arrival of new partners, new capital and changes in management.
2012 is the year during which Maps Group focused on new assets, with the acquisition and creation of a network of specialised companies: Intext, IG Consulting, Memelabs.

The development of new products begins and the growth of the company continues incrementally becoming a reference point at national level for the analysis of big data and the sharing of knowledge in complex contexts within the space of five years.

In 2020, the Maps group simplifies its corporate structure and, through the subsidiary MAPS Healthcare, signs the contract for the acquisition of 100% of SCS Computers and establishes Micuro, an innovative start-up active in the insurtech sector.

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