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The assumptions of Maps Habitat

In 2020, Maps Group decided to create an innovative remote working structure, increasing its value as a company benefit. Maps Habitat aims to ensure a better work-life balance by drastically reducing the time and expense of commuting between home and the office, with a more flexible management of personal time with modular working hours.

To ensure this result, we created a new work organisation model, starting from very clear objectives:

  • focusing on people;
  • considering environmental impacts;
  • allowing the company to achieve the set business objectives.

Based on these assumptions comes Maps Habitat: a set of environmental conditions that foster people’s well-being in the company, allowing them to exploit their full potential creatively and productively.

These environmental conditions are:

  • TRUST and RELIABILITY (to generate productivity and efficiency);
  • CONNECTIONS and RELATIONS, because interpersonal relations are creative flows rich in opportunities.

The idea of “habitat” comes from the Maps Group philosophy which sees its people and their professionalism as the most important company asset for being – and remaining over time – an excellent company. For this reason, we started from the needs of our people, seeking to foster their well-being by offering a better work-life balance and a professional context based on trust and responsibility.

Maps habitat:
Unconventional Teamwork. A new work organisation model


Every working group meets in the office once a week, to foster cooperation and the exchange of ideas, as well as to maintain a group spirit and feel part of the company.

In Maps Habitat, Teamwork is the central theme: each programme, defined HAB (a name that plays on the word hub, aiming to express the concept of a place of connection), ensures that every working group can, on one hand, spend a whole working day with the team on the premises, once a week, and on the other guarantee a large number of hours a week working together remotely.

The values of Maps Habitat and Maps Group

Through the Maps Habitat project, we aim to strengthen the values that distinguish the culture of our company:

  • Focusing on people: identifying possibilities and practices in which the individual is not only the lynch-pin of technical and professional activities but also of all significant personal, experiential and relational activities;
  • Acting consciously, aiming to explore and share knowledge;
  • Courage and professionalism, to develop and show a pioneering spirit.

All these values can be felt clearly in the structure of Maps Habitat and its declaration of intents, shared with all our people to make them feel more and more a part of a company with a well-defined identity.

Respect for the environment

In addition to the company values focusing on its people, Maps Group pays increasing attention to the continuous research into solutions aiming to reduce environmental impacts.

In fact, at Maps Group more than half the company staff come to work using their own means of transport. Launching Maps Habitat and, consequently, the significant increase in remote working, will guarantee a considerable reduction in the mileage covered by car when commuting between home and the office, thus considerably reducing energy consumption and emissions that are harmful to humans and the environment.

The Maps Habitat model

There are 7 Habitats – or weekly work plans – incentivising remote working; each one has different time configurations and different relations between company spaces and “personal” spaces. Our people can flexibly choose one of these Habitats, allowing them to work in the office 1, 2 or 4 days a week, depending on their own personal needs and preferences.

For instance, one of the programmes offers the chance to start work early in the morning, to have more free time in the afternoon. Or another programme offers a free Friday every two weeks, to be able to spend a full day on personal needs.

Company spaces and tools

The Maps Habitat philosophy, focusing on interconnections, has led to a review of the company spaces. The office is no longer a place where people work individually at their desk, it has become a moment and a space for socialisation and exchange, with large areas for group discussions.

The new design of the spaces aims to create a habitat of connection and sharing, going beyond the confines of the office: remote cooperation is facilitated using specific technological tools, optimising the work space at home with the support of the company.

With these characteristics, Maps Habitat is a work organisation model on a different plane from others, both in terms of structure and ambitions, as it aims to blend personal well-being with a group spirit: “Unconventional Teamwork” is the motto that expresses all this.

Feedback from our people

This initiative, which officially began in early September 2020, was welcomed very positively by the people in all Maps Group premises.

New hires will also have the chance to choose their work plan right from the start, in agreement with their manager.

The project is coordinated by the HR group together with the managers of the various teams and Business Units.

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