People and their talents:
a heritage to recognise and enhance.

In a complex context, skills and abilities are decisive aspects.

In a world of algorithms and advanced technological solutions, people are the real heritage to be recognised and enhanced. Seeking and enhancing talents is one of the cornerstones of our company philosophy: without analytical skills, creativity and in-depth technical knowledge it would not be possible to develop systems that aim to simplify the interpretation of a very complex reality.

This is why we have ensured that the people who work at Maps can find a welcoming, comfortable environment that stimulates well-being and creativity. The company organisation avoids rigid hierarchies, privileging sharing and team work, even though it recognises the importance of targets, quality levels and implementation times.

What we offer

This is what you will find if you come and work with us

Maps is a company that offers an experience. Or even two.The first is the experience gainedin this field over the years, the case histories it has developed, the consolidated relations with major clients in very different market fields. What is sure is that you won’t be bored.

The second experience is that which you can gain, working in a team with other people with often very different backgrounds, education and specialisations, who precisely for this reason can enhance you professionally. You can work in an environment designed to foster your own well-being and creativity, similar to a campus, with many open spaces and close attention to design (as well as eco-sustainability).

Depending on your education and professional experiences, you can join one of our Business Units, working on the development of a specific solution and specialising in a given market field. But there will also be – many – opportunities during the year for you to cooperate closely with other Business Units to increase your own baggage of skills.

Finally, you will find a company with a diversified development plan, ready to work in foreign markets too, applying its own technological systems to new market sectors. We need strong skills, great ideas and the right team spirit. Perhaps you’re just the person we need. Are you ready to start?

Opportunities for students

Curricular internships

Would you like to spend a period of professional training in a company, during your university studies, to obtain the credits you need to complete your degree?

Maps Group offers you the chance to undertake a curricular internship, accompanied step by step by a vocational tutor during your time in the company.

Dissertation internships

Every year, Maps Group hosts students in the final stages of their studies who wish to put their skills to the test in a challenging business context.

We have a stimulating range of research and development projects – or technological innovation projects – in a range of market sectors, where we can engage and support students, developing a dissertation topic together.

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Map Group Teamwork

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People and Value

We are a group of around 200 people, mostly technical profiles (Developers, SW Architects, Business Consultants and Data Scientists), working from 6 branches in as many cities in north and central Italy.

We bring innovation to more than 5 market sectors, researching, analysing, interpreting and transforming complex data – generated by Businesses and Public Bodies – to provide innovative and high-performing solutions to incentivise the creation of VALUE and SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS models.

Working method

The work is carried out in small groups that follow the whole product life cycle. Each group is formed by the interaction of different professional figures with various levels of seniority, allowing everyone to have a full overview of the problems and solutions, through the continuous exchange of ideas and suggestions.

This organisation also ensures job rotation, allowing each member of the group to constantly acquire new technological and domain skills.

In-house training courses

For Maps Group, people are the most important capital. Every year the company runs in-house training courses to keep its professional figures constantly abreast of the technology trends and assure that they are ready to tackle the new market demands.

The company also offers the possibility for individual training paths to enhance and increase personal skills, aptitudes and competences.

Enhancing talents

We at Maps Group believe that, to be and remain an “excellent” business, our people must have excellent professional skills.

This is why we believe in enhancing our internal talents. For this purpose, we have developed an annual performance assessment system for all our resources, allowing us to closely monitor their growth and listen to their professional aspirations, to build a satisfactory professional career together with the company.

Maps habitat:

Unconventional Teamwork. A new work organisation model

The emergency we are facing at the moment has shown how crisis situations are highly probable and, in some cases, have a huge impact on all levels of our social system. True to our values and vocation for innovation, we at Maps Group have decided to respond to the current situation with a strong boost towards the future. How?

Since September 2020, the company has been running the Maps Habitat project, an organisational model based on work by objectives and on trust – concepts which today are consolidated at Maps Group which, for some time, has been renowned as a pioneering company in the remote working field and innovative in its HR management.

Adopting a new way of thinking and organising work, as well as time and relations, places and resources, Maps Habitat is the HR initiative fostering remote working, appropriately modulated through the choice of weekly programmes alternating working from home with working on the premises, maintaining constant and fruitful cooperation between colleagues and Teamwork.

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